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A trans-Tasman chat with Terf Talk Downunder.

Speak Up for Women New Zealand crossed the ditch via Youtube on Friday, and had a catch up with Terf Talk Downunder in Australia. Terf Talk created their channel around 9 months ago to give a voice to gender critical women (and men). Just like New Zealand's mainstream media, the Australian mainstream media are not only determinedly silent about reporting both sides of trans ideology, including the negative impacts it may have on women and children, they actively promote and endorse it. We don't believe that all journos on either side of the ditch support this media blackout of gender critical voices and biased reporting, but stay silent simply to protects their jobs. Although there have been a small number of brave souls who have refused to toe the 'stay silent' line, there are also too many journos fully on board with it, boots and all, and they're the ones who get published and heard. Terf Talk have had a succession of really interesting guests showcasing the side of the trans issue the mainstream media won't touch, but show #43 was their first international reach-out. Speak Up for Women was delighted to be it.


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