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Updated: Mar 8

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March 8th 2024 - International Women's Day
February 4th 2024 - Welcome to 2024 Newsletter
December 10th 2023 - December Newsletter
November 24th 2023 - Speak Up for Women welcome coalition agreement policy changes
October 16th 2023 - October Newsletter
September 24th 2023 - Urgent: Help us challenge InsideOUT’s policing of speech in government
September 13th 2023 - SUFW September Update
August 29th 2023 - September Newsletter
July 20th 2023 - We Know What a Woman is
July 7th 2023 - Turn Up Nelson
May 24th 2023 - May Update
April 25th 2023 - April Update
March 25th 2023 - Media Release 25th March

SUFW Newsletters


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