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Jill Abigail, The NZ Green Party and Gender Identity

Jill discusses her decades-long involvement in feminist politics, including a long history with the Green Party of New Zealand and recent controversy over NZ gender identity politics.

Regarding the claims of transadvocy, Jill states in the interview: “The “innate” gender identity claimed by gender ideology cannot be proven, so basing policies and legislation on subjective feelings rather than evidence is highly questionable.”

Jill’s position has lead to controversy. When Jill had an article published the NZ Green Party magazine Te Awa, the web edition was censored to have her article removed, resulting in magazine staff resigning in protest.

When gender ideology says biology is irrelevant, that it is how we feel that counts, it ignores the fact that our biology is at the root of women’s oppression under patriarchy. When female foetuses are aborted in certain cultures, it’s not because of gender identity, it’s because a biological female has no value.

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