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Speak Up for Women supports the right of women to free speech.

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

Speak up for Women supports the right of all women to be able to speak openly and freely about the issues that concern them.

We absolutely condemn the actions that led to the silencing of Kellie-Jay Keen and the women who were at her Let Women Speak event at Albert Park in March of this year. Threatening, intimidating and physically abusing women is never justified and should never be tolerated.

Kellie-Jay is coming back to New Zealand and Standing for Women (NZ) are holding a rally on the day of the Court hearing of the case against her alleged assailant. Standing for Women should be able to expect their rally will go ahead free of harassment and intimidation. The police should ensure that these women are protected throughout their event and guarantee their safety and their right to speak and to be heard (something they fail to do in March).

Meanwhile, Speak up for Women will continue to work on our own local campaigns which are directed at maintaining sex-based services, spaces and opportunities for women and girls.

We will continue to speak out against an ideology that harms children and women, and we will continue to highlight evidence based studies in order to protect them from medicalisation and surgery. We will continue to work to ensure the voices of all women are heard in our country.

We do not believe that it is possible to change sex and we will continue to challenge those who spread this lie.


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