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Census questions - let's get writing.

Let's tell them how we feel. You can email the Minister for Stats, the PM, the leader of the opposition, the opposition spokesperson for Stats or your own MP - anyone who you think should read it. Use you own words if you wish - but the main points are here.

Use a subject heading such as "Census Gender and Sex Questions"

For the background on why this is necessary - check out my post on the Census Gender and Sex questions here.

Please copy and paste the bits you like - send it to:

The Minister for Stats - Deborah Russell (Dear Minister)

The PM - Chris Hipkins (Dear Prime Minister)

The Opposition Spokesperson for Stats - Simon Watts (Dear Mr Watts)

The Leader of the Opposition - Christopher Luxon (Dear Mr Luxon)

To write to another MP check out the list here

Dear xxx,

I am having trouble with the Gender question in the Census form as I am unable to answer it honestly. I don't have a gender identity, just a sex yet it won't let me skip the gender question.

Gender identity is an ideology, yet it is being treated as if it is more important than sex. According to Stats it is ok to skip the Sex question - but not the Gender question.

I suspect that Stats run the risk of not having complete sex data on people who do believe in gender identity ideology as those people may only wish to disclose their gender identity.

I have asked via the Census helpline - and even if I use the paper forms and leave the Gender question blank, Stats NZ will fill in the Gender question for me using "alternatively sourced data" - which I understand actually means they will take my answer to the Sex question and use it for the Gender question.

If I select "Another Gender" and write "None" then my gender is recored as "Another Gender". This is wrong and is not an accurate record of my lack of gender identity.

I would like to have my Gender recorded as "No Gender" as this is correct for me.

I am concerned about having incorrect information recorded about me.

I am also expected to sign the form and declare that the information is true and complete. I am unable to do this.

I want to be able to complete the census but I do not want to compromise my values and provide false information.


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