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Does it really say TERF Club?

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Media Release 17 November 2022

Speak Up For Women NZ (SUFW) have launched a nationwide awareness campaign to highlight the eroding of women’s language, rights and the loss of single sex spaces.

SUFW are reclaiming the slur of TERF. This is generally thrown at anyone, mainly women who question gender-identity ideology. Being a woman is not something you can identify into; you just are one.

Together, Empowered Rational Females are joining forces all over the world, saying “no thank you”, it’s time this experiment stopped.

TERF Club cards have begun appearing in their thousands across the country. They have been found in places like cafes, libraries, shops, and airports.

Spokeswoman for SUFW Suzanne Levy says “Traffic to our website has increased significantly over the past few days. Our page on Keeping gender-identity ideology out of schools has been very popular. Parents are obviously concerned about what children are being exposed to in schools. This ideology is confusing young children to the extent that young boys can think, they can get pregnant and have periods”.

As part of the campaign, SUFW is proud to host Dr Michael Biggs, who will be presenting Puberty blockers and the transgender revolution livestream with Q & A on December 1st at 7pm NZT.

Dr Michael Biggs is a sociologist at the University of Oxford, UK (and graduate of Victoria University of Wellington). He has written on the inadequate evidence favouring puberty suppression in children suffering from gender dysphoria and on the surprising influence of queer theory on English prison policy. His work on puberty blockers and gender medicine was used in the recent review of the Tavistock Gender Identity Development Service in the UK. His publications on these topics are available on his website.

You can find resources on our website about keeping the word ‘woman’ in our language, single sex spaces, keeping gender-identity ideology out of schools, women in sports and in prisons, plus the latest news and events.



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