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Massey University, Speak Up For Women and Feminism 2020

On 23 September, Speak Up For Women announced that we would be holding an event at the Massey University Theaterette. The event is called Feminism 2020.

The intention of the event is to discuss the future of feminism. What are the big issues on the horizon for the women’s liberation movement to focus on? What can women look forward to in the future?

The response to an announcement that a group of women were going to discuss their own liberation movement was drearily predictable: a partnership of liberal organisations took action to shut down the conversation before it had started.


The usual dishonest pretexts were rolled out: according to ActionStation, one of the countries largest activist networks, discussing women’s rights would “harm the trans community”. One trans-activist organisation called us “anti-trans extremists”.

The term hate speech has been applied liberally.

Even Massey University itself has publicly said that it does not share any of our views. We have asked Massey University which of our views it disagrees with. We have had no response.

In a media environment hostile to feminists speaking for themselves, we’ve been told that we oppose transgender people playing in sports; that our members are responsible for trans people killing themselves; that we are funded by powerful, right-wing Christian organisations.

This Misinformation Is Dangerous

Similar fear-mongering has resulted in attacks on women’s meetings, such as the mob that attacked the meeting of A Woman’s Place UK on September 23.

So What Are The Facts?

Feminism 2020 will be a discussion of feminism led by women and open to all. Everyone, except those seeking to disrupt the event or who pose a threat to the security and safety of those attending. Like all “uppity women,” Speak Up For Women have received threats for simply daring to quite literally speak up for women. Threats will not deter us.

The phenomenon of gender identity will no doubt be discussed, along with other issues pertinent to women’s lives. We will talk about that which effects the lives of women.

Do You Hate Trans People?


We support the rights of transgender people to live their lives free from violence and discrimination.

Do You Engage In Hate Speech?

We have published large amounts of content on our website. We encourage you to look over it for yourself: we speak openly and honestly. You’ll find nothing that meets a reasonable definition of “hate speech”.

Are You A Hate Group?


We are a non-partisan organisation that exists to protect and advance the rights and interests of women and girls in New Zealand.

Speak Up For Women formed in 2018 in opposition to the government’s sex self-ID proposals in the Births, Deaths, Marriages and Relationships Registration Bill. Our campaign platform – that there was inadequate public consultation, and the Bill risked unintended consequences for women’s sex-based rights – was ultimately accepted by Minister Martin after taking legal advice, and the proposal was withdrawn.

We are a diverse group of ordinary New Zealanders including teachers, academics, health professionals, care workers, activists, lawyers and students with a shared interest in the rights of women and girls.

Are You “Trans Exclusive”


We have never refused to talk with people because they are trans. We have never excluded anyone from our organisation or our meetings because they are trans. We have never kicked anyone from our Facebook page because they are trans. We speak regularly with trans people, some who share our views on women’s rights, and some who oppose them.

Our meeting is open to anyone who wishes to attend without threatening people or disrupting the event.

We would like you to come along and listen to us talk.

Maybe even say hello to us personally after the talks have ended.

We don’t have to agree on everything. But we should agree on this: If you want to disagree with an idea or a belief, then you should have a good understanding of that idea or belief first.


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