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MEDIA RELEASE: Ministry school bathroom directive welcomed

Wellington July 3rd 2024

Speak Up for Women welcome the government response to the petition by Maggie Ross - “Provide funding for all schools to have gender-neutral bathrooms” (please refer to the Government response download button on the petition link)

The Government has accepted the recommendation and extended this by reiterating the importance of both gender neutral AND single sex bathrooms.

We commend the government for recognising the importance of single-sex bathrooms in maintaining the privacy and safety of our students. By ensuring that single-sex options are available, the policy respects the needs and preferences of those who may feel uncomfortable using gender-neutral facilities. This is a significant step in promoting a respectful and inclusive school environment.

Research indicates that providing single-sex bathrooms can reduce anxiety and increase comfort for many students, thereby creating a more conducive learning environment. This policy also acknowledges and respects the concerns of parents and caregivers who prioritise the privacy and safety of their children.

We hope this guidance will provide our schools, school boards and parents, with clear rules on the provision of bathrooms that are safe and accessible for everyone.


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