Spare Rib

I had the experience during my early twenties of living in a lesbian feminist squatting community in Hackney, London. It is described here There was a hockey team that played on the local fields, many intense political arguments and discussions and much good food. Some of the women worked in the building trades so houses that were otherwise derelict were done up to liveable standards although ours had no bathroom so we used the local public baths with beautiful brass taps and decorative plaster. Eventually many were demolished either because of instability because of bomb damage from the 2WW or because they had no bathrooms. However the squatters went on form a housing cooperative although that was after my time. Women visited mostly from across Europe and the English speaking world to stay with us. Women who lived in the few streets worked for Spare Rib, ran the feminist bookshop and were involved in art projects. In NZ I have met with at least 1/2 dozen women from this community who lived there at various times.

Anonymous aged 67

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