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The state of things in Aotearoa New Zealand

Carol Bartle and Katrina Biggs talk to Women’s Declaration International about the state of things here in Aotearoa New Zealand around gender identity ideology.

Carol speaks about the removal of the word ‘woman’ from language, especially in the areas of women’s health and midwifery; therapists and the conversion therapy bill; and puberty blockers (the MoH changed the advice about puberty blockers on 16 Sept 2022).

Katrina talks about Speak Up for Women; the Ministry for Women; the National Council for Women; The Ministry of Education and its endorsement of InsideOUT’s disregard of girls; and the Christchurch City Council’s decision to include anyone who calls themselves a woman in the Women’s Session at Linwood Pool.

At the end, Carol shows some of the organisations in New Zealand which do not subscribe to gender identity ideology.


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